FR Day 1 #Miladsmada54

Today was awesome. The internal events of my school birthday celebration was held :b (maybe its like bunkasai).

In the morning we had a leisurely (?) walk :p there are 3 ppl of class representative who must wear dress according to the theme milad’s committee given. this year its ‘Artefak’ or ‘artefact’ (huh?) i dont really quite understand O.o stands from Art, Technology, and Culture. They -the representative, must wear their decided dresses and walk in the street around school’s district.

I make pedobear suit for my class representative (acully im the one who’ll wear it xD lol). And the one who make it is my mom (: *glad to know that she’s not too kepo to bother asked anything ’bout dat bear costume -.-*

Thanks for holy god that most of students don’t give a fuck to geek japanese culture #feelrelieved #secretsealed #plak.

so, as usual the rundown wasn’t in time. I dont know, but it seems the walk is too slow (i actually feel it was faster than last year :b) maybe because i was so happy managed become a pedobear, carried heart-shaped balloons, and give them to the kids (人´_`) *but it cos i love child in ‘another’ ways……. LOL

Once we arrived in the school yard, the rundown continued to the break and then pensi kelas or class performance in short. Some of them is quite good. *yea maybe good because of particular reason :b

Nexttttttt, because we are hungry (we refers to me and my classmates :p), we were searching for food. and ended buy ketoprak in a quite far place (?). You dont need to know how we can get there -.- the taste is so so, it may caused by my desire to eat indomie but already ordered ketropak. We don’t eat in school area because it was so crowded. See, we all are the same :p too instant. Too lazy to wait in line.

Then we moved back to school because our perform suddenly changed due the ruined (?) rundown. See, we wont anticipated it. Too easy-breezy probably too enjoy the life.

We just presented a simple performance which is accoustic. Some of us went on the stage and sang I Will Fly a song from 10 to 5 hahaha. I will fly in to ur eyes~lol i think the lyrics is quite funny. When i asked my friend what’s the story inside the song, she was told me that it tell about s.o. who fallinlove -.- yea it may sounds gay, but the music is actually nice. It thanks to kak Yoel too :D who already IMBA in piano. And the second performance all of the acceleration classes is must be on the stage, but in execution it wasn’t like the expectation :b yea some of my classmate was gabut and cheering them from understage. So naughty but ofcourse forgiveable. The sun is shine too strong dat time, so the audience just give an unconcern glance like dis (¬_¬). Hell yea a pensi in the middle of sun heat is physically no good and it will affect our mental too (?)

After all of classes showed their performance, the committee announced that will be a sterilization in the school yard. So we can go home naaaaaaawwwww and the bunkasai continued in the nite :v

In the nite, there are a mascot’s fashion show, announcement of class-film’s winner, some guest stars, and in opening is pensi angkatan. I joined both in ’15 and ’14. Sad to know that i wont be able to participate in next year’s milad :(((((((((

Oh btw my class won one nomination (best story) in SMA -Smada Film Award :3 i think we just only need more hi-tech camera to be the 1st :b hahaha. Congratulations for the winner (SFA winner, mascot’s winner, and the other) *:D/*

Anyway the first guest star sucks -.- it might just be the asteroid than a star lol. Its rock. Scream rock, what’s called? Screamooow? :b the vocalist is just screaming, shouting as if he/she has an acute broken heart (?)

There are some funny conversation between my senpai, in middle of guest star’s MC

The singer: “Hello guys!! Hi everybody who supposed to be the next generation, no?”
Audiens: “Woyooo!! *just do a poker face*”
The singer: “Yea, as the next generation  you guys shouldn’t get to touch drugs, don’t ever try to smoke, to drinks bla..bla..bla..”
Senpai 1: “Except me!!! LOL” (he refers to the singer because of the singer’s ‘cover’ :b).

I think that’s it all xD no regret, no capek, just laugh, jump, and enjoy the nite +nite peak tomorrow!!!!!! :))))

(anyway, the picture will uploaded soon)


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