Driving at night.

Gusar. Udah lama gw ga nulis apa-apa di blog ini. Tergerak barusan setelah melihat Bandung di malam hari. It’s (too) quite. Ga nyangka aja hahaha. But still, I mesmerized by all of it. The light. The road. People who still awake. And of course, myself. Which is like don’t give a shit for calculus-test tomorrow. Im kind of messed up after all.

After a short journey from high school, now welcome to college life you’re too late Dit. I managed to get to¬†institute what I was wanted back then. And now, I have been here for that piece of paper study in (more less) three months. I haven’t felt that myself was happy here. Right now when Im typing this, little by little Im started accept all of this after I brought down to the street and the city latterly.

Ok, go get my ass to grasp calculus. After the test, I’ll write another shit update immediately!